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Ø Professional sales team, with a high sense of service and rich practical experience. Response to guests within 15 minutes, 24 hours customer service. Provide professional advice, communicate with customers to confirm the final details of the product: material, size, color, etc. 
Ø The designer has more than 10 years of furniture design experience. We will produce the planning drawings in 2-3 days. After confirming the order, the designer will make detailed CAD according to the customer's requirements. After confirmation, we will provide 3D renderings, so that customers can see the direct effect of the products.


ØChoose high quality E1 grade log particle based particleboard, environmentally friendly and durable.
Ø plate in different thickness and color have plenty of stock, the greatest degree of short delivery time.
Ø melamine board.
? The outer layer of melamine resin (scratch-resistant, prevent fading)
? The inner layer of wood grain (multiple colors, texture selection, beautiful and atmospheric)
? Particleboard (E1 grade log particle base material)



ØCompany introduced Germany, Italy advanced production equipment and first-class technology for more than 10 years.
Ø automatic CNC cutting plate, mechanization processing.
Ø improve product quality, reduce scrap rate, reduce labor costs.
Ø check the input data, the precision of cutting, can effectively control and improve the cutting quality and cutting efficiency, improve the production rate and production capacity.



Ø company introduced the purchase of 3 new edge sealing machines, mechanized operation.
Ø sealing side machine has the advantage of adhesion strong, fast, light, high efficiency. Greatly reduce the working time, increase the efficiency of edge sealing.
Ø compared to the traditional manual sealing side, save raw materials, convenient cleaning, anti-aging.
Ø simple mode of operation, the use of new numerical control screen, high efficiency operation, to make the operation more simple.



Ø hole area, two automatic vent hole machine, mechanized operations.
Ø CNC automation hole machine, precision punching, simple operation 
Ø improve product quality, reduce the scrap rate.
Ø to board type furniture production of the whole assembly line numerical control operation, ordinary workers  also can controlled


Ø sealing side after the treatment, the leakage white lace, redo refinement: grinding, polishing processing.
Ø be according to the plate color fastens? workers will with color paint facing side after polishing.
Ø around the plate color can do whole consistent, flow smooth.



Ø abnormity CNC machines, automatic nc cutting plate.
Ø can according to demand cutting plates in different shapes.
Ø At the same time operating precision punch .
Ø abnormity cutting realized the diversification of board type furniture, when it is.
Ø special-shaped plate adopt semi-automatic sealing side.



Ø factory have hot pressing, hot bending, cold pressing equipment.
Ø hot-pressing machine to plate for secondary processing (such as decorative cloth, fire prevention board, etc.).
Ø cold pressing machine is used for pressing furniture plate, plate material between adhesive can be more strong, small noise, pressure force is strong, stable and high efficiency.
Ø all kinds of efficient and stable equipment, make our production cars more efficient, more stable product quality.



Ø sheet for specific shape of sculpture and watch the sharp cutting.
Ø machine stability, resistance to high temperature, processing speed, high efficiency.
Ø CNC mechanized operation, high efficiency, convenience, reduce scrap rate.



ØAfter purchasing steel raw materials
Ø workers directly cutting - welding - grinding can be performed.
Ø for various steel products, steel, self-sufficient mode, meet the diverse needs of customers directly.
Ø steel punch, bending area
Ø mechanized operation, direct punch, bending.
Ø for diversified design feasibility.



Ø will separate each order product sampling inspection, and assembly pictures to keep figure, and overall warehouse, in order to ensure the accuracy of the product.

Hardware Accessories Section

Ø products screw accessories will be unified fittings, playing before package sorting supporting hardware screw fittings, independent partition is easy to arrange.



ØProduct packaging design as a whole set of a packaging. There will be shipping mark outside the package, which is convenient for customers to assemble and sell the whole set.
Ø plank with pearl cotton and bubble spacing between protection.
Ø cartons with all round the corner protector mat, strengthen the protection of edges.

The outer packing design:

Ø Adopt export standard five layer thickened corrugated cartons.
Ø according to customer requirements, customize the carton packaging design.
Ø breakable according to the request on wooden cases or wooden package delivery, to ensure the transportation safety of product
Ø warehouse to arrange the container directly, convenient and clean outer packing.
Ø directly arrange workers loading professional outfit ark, protection products at the same time, to the best use of space.
Ø will check all accurate quantity of loading, the loading pictures will sent to the customer.